To the imperfect Mommy raising her imperfect children: You are not an anomaly!

This is the true story of one Mommy who won the Mother of the Year award. Its true! It sits proudly on her mantle as we speak!  I am sure that all of you here reading would love to know her secret, would love to one day receive your own award…. so please read on! Be enlightened, and you will never again spend a day fekind-of-momeling those weighty feelings of Mom guilt… never again will you feel the need to apologize for your child’s behaviour. Never again will you experience the walk of shame as you lead a wailing, screaming child out of the store while all eyes are on you, the failure of a parent.

Never again will you hear that self-recriminating question reverberating in your head… a question you are 100% certain you see reflected in the eyes of all those other moms around you……. “What kind of Mom ARE you?”

Read on and discover the simple 3 Step MAGIC equation that is CERTAIN to earn you an Award worthy of a mantle placement!

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To all the Daddy’s On Fathers Day Who Give Your Children Wings to FLY

Kids_Room_Wall_Art_-_FlyTwinsDaddy, Daddy – I want to fly!!!!!

Nearly every night I hear these words sung by my 5 and 3 year old children. They always want Daddy to Fly them up to bed!  And they know, no matter how tired their Daddy is, no matter how busy he is, who is calling or texting or what other work awaits him once they are finally settled for the night, they know he will ALWAYS make them fly…. why you ask? Why will he always put their needs first? Why does he choose to make them laugh with utter abandon even though his feet are weary to the core?

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Today we honour all Moms ~ A Mothers Day Tribute


Dear Moms ~

Today is your day – the day that the world sets aside to honour you, to celebrate you and to gift you with a small token meant to show their appreciation of your daily sacrificial acts throughout the years.

MomToday is the day that we acknowledge that without you in our lives we would never have eaten a decent, healthy, well-rounded meal (no offence Dad but beans and hotdogs is classified as junk no matter how much you doctor it up!); we would have lived in slightly wrinkled, slightly smelly clothing, our hair would have rarely been styled properly and during the nightly routine of bad dreams and ‘can I sleep with you’…. we would have more then likely ended up on the floor with a pillow! Continue reading Today we honour all Moms ~ A Mothers Day Tribute

Capturing the heart of your Child

Love of a child
Capturing the heart of your child is NOT as easy as giving them what they want.

HE Loves ME ~ He Loves Me Not

We were getting ready for bed the other night – I had just sent Jude and Emma to use the washroom and brush their teeth – general routine that happens every night, and as with most nights it was accomplished with just a LITTLE bit of complaining.

I held fast, weary in every part of my body. Exhausted from the effort that is parenting some days.  The constant ~ do this, don’t do that, watch your manners, don’t jump on the wall, put your shoes away, and the classicFor goodness sake if you’re hungry enough to eat your own nasty boogers I’m sure you can eat even a morsel of the delicious supper I made for you!!!”you know the drill.

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A letter to my love on his 40th Birthday

VINTAGE is where its at!! vintage

We stood in the kitchen, weary after yet another long day, making dinner for ourselves and the two crazy hooligans who call us Mom and Dad. Working together in relative silence, not because there was nothing to say so much as the act of putting words into a sentence required more energy then either of us possessed at that moment. The mutual, unspoken goal was simple: get dinner made, kids fed, house tidied and go to sleep. (or at the very least, resign to our vegetative perch in the land of The Office!)  I glanced over at my husband and something silvery caught my attention. I looked again and yep there it was the tiniest tuft of grey hair! Not a single strand something that can be pulled out and denied its existence. This was a significant patch of silvery grey locks, nestled on the head of my love. Naturally, being the loving, caring considerate wife that I am I immediately drew his attention to and laughingly called him an old man! Trust me it literally made his day 🙂

He STILL makes my heart twitter and flutter – silver locks and all!

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