Learning to Hear the Still small voice BOOMING in my head.


and five, four, three, two, one! HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!


New Year New You! Everywhere you look, Facebook, Magazines, Twitter, Instagram, Pintrest – it never fails that on January 1 you will completely inundated with articles, posts, ads all telling you that this is YOUR YEAR! You can become the NEW YOU. Better than last year. Fresh slate, fresh you. Don’t Wait until Tomorrow! Start Now. BE BETTER. but seriously – no pressure….

newyearThe problem is the majority of this newness and freshness is focussed on (drum roll please) losing weight and getting fit. Making your outer adornment beautiful. Big shock there right! All things considered our society is generally focussed on the outward vs inward on a daily basis.

We all seem to fall into this pit. The closer December and Christmas holidays come we begin to plan for the NEW YEAR when we will start our weight loss diets. We will eat better, exercise more, drink more water,get more sleep. We will rid our pantries of all junk food, cease and desist from drive thru’s, evil soda, French Vanilla Cappuccinos and the like.

You are not alone if this is you – I too fall into the same trap year after year. Last year I actually made it right up to MARCH! (Can I get a ‘woot woot’!) I was victorious and rocked the NEW and Transformed ME until March…..

This year I had the bright idea that I was going to kick start the New Year frenzy and begin in December with my transformed self. (that lasted right up to the first Christmas party I attended…. and then well who were we kidding in the first place right?)

135Today is January 2nd, 2016 – as I sit here in my dining room staring out at the crisp white snow that surrounds my home (gorgeous snow that took a few days too long to arrive) I am drinking my diet pepsi (gasp) yep it would appear that I am attempting to ruin myself with aspartame….

In all seriousness – I need to lose weight, I need to get more organized, I need to pay down debt, I need to yell less, laugh more…. the list goes on. (seemingly endless at times) I am beyond flawed so this NEW YEAR NEW ME mentality can leave me feeling more then overwhelmed. Where do I even start at fixing the person that I am?

More importantly on what should I focus?

I have plans, big plans that involve fewer chips and much much more salad…. I have plans that involve less couch time and more kick boxing and jumping jacks!

I have plans that involve less technology time and more face to face time with my family.

I have such great plans….

Proverbs 19:21 says, “You can make many plans, but the LORD’s purpose will prevail”.

I wonder sometime, if the reason our NEW US’s fall off the bandwagon mid winter is because these were simply our plans.

Now hear me out! Is it ungodly to take care of our bodies? No! In fact the bible speaks about caring for our bodies because they are the temple of the Lord.

Is it ungodly to cut back on technology, yelling, lazing around? ABSOLUTELY NOT! We all know the goodness in all of those plans.

However, this plan to change and better me – and my flawed self; making grand resolutions on my own strength; heading out on the waters without a fixed eye on Christ will lead to one thing alone – I will sink below the turbulent waves. I will falter and stumble. And when (not if) WHEN I do, I will fall deep into discouragement and believe that I am a failure. I can say this with certainty because I have been there before. Have you?8b0277cf8585c5ab5a43b6905a9098c8

So today, as I ponder my grand plans – I am held back by one thought – a question – a still small voice.

Have I bothered to seek my FATHER’s counsel on what HIS plans are for me this year? Have I listened to HIS voice, calling me, beckoning me, leading me?

Does He want me to focus my attention on my extra rolls? Or maybe possibly there is a crusted over place in my heart that He is more focused on?

At the end of the day – HIS WILL PREVAILS. This has been what I have lived for as long as I can remember. This is what I teach to my children and what I hope I model for those around me. The will of my heavenly Father is what matters most. So today – I am setting aside these grand plans of my own for 2016 and am tuning my heart to hear instead what HIS plans are. I can do All things by HIS strength this year and walking in faith I will make it well beyond March.

This is not a challenge to shed more pounds – this is my challenge for you to join me in shedding the crust around our hearts – putting off our world’s desire to have us focus all our energy and attention on our outer adornment and to place that attention at the foot of the cross. Hear His voice today calling you – beckoning you to become the Man and Woman that HE designed you to be.


2 thoughts on “Learning to Hear the Still small voice BOOMING in my head.

  1. BAM! Wow. Ouch. Thank you so much for these thoughtful words my sister. Needed that not so subtle nudging today. Miss you a ton!

    1. Don’t we all 🙂 I think God was really speaking to me about this though – went to church Sunday and not so surprisingly the message that morning was quite similar! Guess I better open my ears and hear!
      Miss you too

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