1st day of daycare

                          Jude’s got his keys and is ready to leave for daycare!

Jude’s first day of daycare was – great!  He woke up happy… got ready in record time (yes he showered, dressed and got his own lunch put together! lol….)

Then we were heading out the door. As it turns out it was a family affair dropping Jude off at daycare because Wade needed to keep the car… I wondered if my friend thought we were a tad ridiculous, first time daycare parents.. lol but that’s what happened.

Jude truly didn’t even notice us leaving so happy was he with the new toys and playmates. tear… 

I called to check in around the time I figured he would be napping… the report was all positive. ‘Jude is such a happy baby, no issues, having a great time.’

So I continued working knowing my son was doing just fine.

Daddy was the one to pick him up from day care (he had the car) so I didn’t get to see his face when he saw Daddy at the door. BUT Wado knows me well and memorized all that happened (looks included) to report to me … (OR he made it up.. either way it made my day!)

‘Jude’s little lip started quivering when Daddy first walked in the door.’ (Wado adds, ‘almost as if to say, Daddy I don’t want to leave…’) No tears ever came and he quickly became happy again. Big hugs for Daddy, waves goodbye at his new friends and then in the car to go pick up Mommy.

Below is a snap shot of the paper record that my friend’s daughter kept to let me know what happened in Jude’s day… SO adorable!

When Daddy and Jude picked me up at work Mommy’s heart soared and she almost started crying – bless that boy’s heart his grin nearly stretched off his face and he reached for me,  babbling Momma, Momma, Momma… did wonders for my heart.

In every circumstance give thanks…  – Lord Thank you for my job… BUT if it be your will please give me TONs of money so I never have to leave my baby boy again (until he’s a teenager and I NEED a break! lol)

Daddy and Jude

2 thoughts on “1st day of daycare

  1. I just went back to work too and had to find childcare for my two littles. I think I had a harder time than they did! They loved it. I guess in a way it’s nice to know that mom isn’t always needed but at the same time we just want to be needed!!! Glad to hear your little guy did great! It’s so great for them to have playmates and to spend some time away from mom and dad (boy I know I’m enjoying have a few hours break from them every day!!).
    *I got your blog from Laura 🙂

    1. Hi Jennifer! Thanks for your comment.. it is so true always harder on the Mommy! lol Everyone tells me that it is good and healthy for them to be around others and not always Momma (my heart cries a little at the thought) but i have to agree! Jude is doing just fine 🙂

      Nice to meet (via online access) a friend of Laura’s! 🙂

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