A letter to my love on his 40th Birthday

VINTAGE is where its at!! vintage

We stood in the kitchen, weary after yet another long day, making dinner for ourselves and the two crazy hooligans who call us Mom and Dad. Working together in relative silence, not because there was nothing to say so much as the act of putting words into a sentence required more energy then either of us possessed at that moment. The mutual, unspoken goal was simple: get dinner made, kids fed, house tidied and go to sleep. (or at the very least, resign to our vegetative perch in the land of The Office!)  I glanced over at my husband and something silvery caught my attention. I looked again and yep there it was the tiniest tuft of grey hair! Not a single strand something that can be pulled out and denied its existence. This was a significant patch of silvery grey locks, nestled on the head of my love. Naturally, being the loving, caring considerate wife that I am I immediately drew his attention to and laughingly called him an old man! Trust me it literally made his day 🙂

He STILL makes my heart twitter and flutter – silver locks and all!

In the busyness of life; raising kids and working, you often don’t SEE your spouse. I mean you see them sure – every day you see them. There they are running alongside you. Working, living, doing life with you. It’s that action of truly seeing who they are becoming that sometimes gets missed. And then one day you’re making supper in a half state of delirium and there it is a tuft of silvery grey hair making its mark of vintage status and wisdom on your husband. And you think, where did that come from? How did I miss that? Look at my husband – he’s not the 20 something year old I married.

In that moment, while I was laughing and teasing him for his mark of age, I also took stock of this man that stood next to me. This man that after 12 years of marriage, in the midst of the weariness that often marks our days, this man that still looks at me across the room and causes my heart to flip, this man who knows my thoughts (most of the time), this man who is committed to living this crazy life with me.

He may look a little different now – grey hair and all – but this man that I have grown alongside for the past 12 years still holds my heart – all aflutter!Wado stash This Vintage Man is My Gift from God – the answer to my hearts cry

As I sit here writing this letter to my husband I can remember not so long ago before I ever even met Wade that I wrote a letter to God. In that letter I wrote out all the characteristics I was looking for in my future husband.  I got specific with God. 🙂

Here is my letter from oh so many days ago…

Lord I am wishing for a spouse that:

  • Loves you first and foremost
  • Is a worshipper – not just a musician but a man that worships you in Spirit and in Truth
  • A man who is gentle and kind – who will speak words of kindness over me – specifically someone who won’t be harsh, who won’t be sarcastic and who won’t make fun of me just for the sake of a laugh…
  • A man who is confident in who he is and more importantly in who he is IN You!
  • A man who doesn’t talk a lot (because you know I talk enough for two) but when he does it will be worth stopping and listening to.
  • A man who will not be intimidated by my strong personality
  • A man who has green eyes
  • A man who will make an amazing father – who will be present in our lives
  • A man who strives after your heart in all he says and does
  • A man who will love me, in words and actions all the days of my life

That was my letter to God – and when I met my husband – I was amazed. He was God’s love letter back to me. God’s whisper of adoration over my life. He says, “Daughter, I hear you, I love you, I care about your every need. Look this is the man I have chosen for you – and he even has green eyes…”

Do you SEE me? truly see me?

Life can be busy – no matter where you find yourself on your journey. Just getting started? Raising toddlers? Going grey with teens? Just starting retirement? Regardless of where you are, we all fall prey to the ever eluding trap of just existing.

Our spouses are God’s gifts to us! (smelly parts and all!) If you are like me, you find yourself taking for granted their amazing qualities (you know ~ of course he’s doing laundry for the umpteenth time this week – they’re his kids too!) You instead, in your exhaustion focus on all the negative aspects: seriously? Seriously! how many times do I have to ask him to close the shower curtain….. SERIOUSLY! Or worse yet – you just don’t see… you miss the silvery tufts of hair – so focused are you on everything else around you… (granted you did just clean up poop IN your daughter’s UNDERWEAR NOT DIAPER for the 2nd time that day…. and once in the Michael’s parking lot… just saying)
Its time to stop: Look: and SEE that person journeying through life with you…… have they gone grey? New wrinkles around their eyes? Who are they becoming? You may not have written a letter like I did – but never forget they are your gift from God.

A Man After God’s Own Heart

Here’s the thing about my love – is he flawed? Absolutely. But He is a man who seeks God first and foremost. He loves his family, he loves me in words and actions (when he is dead tired, he is still cleaning, cooking, doing laundry…. not because HE sees it and cares but because he knows that I do… and he loves me)  He is a man that puts his own needs and desires aside for the sake of others. He is not jealous, insecure or lacking in confidence. He is not put off by my loud personality – he never puts me down, rather he lifts me up, encourages me, and leads me towards the heart of God.wado worshipping

Every year that I am blessed to spend with him, walking this journey alongside of him; every day that I get to belong to him and he to me – is another moment that God’s promise and His love is reiterated over my life. He loves me so much that He sent me Wado.

He may be getting older – but you know what they say about age!!!!! He just keeps getting better every single year.

I love you Wado – thank you for being you. Thank you for being a father worthy to be called Daddy. Thank you for being a husband that is faithful, true, loving and kind.

I pray that this year – this new year of being 40 will bring about wonders that you never dared to even dream or ask. I pray that as you continue to press closer to the Father that He will make Himself known to you in a deeper, more intimate way.

I pray that your heart will overflow with lyrics and melodies of worship and that as you share with us we will be drawn into the holy of holies.

I pray that you will come to a deeper understanding of all that God has planned for your life.

You are everything to us ~ Happy Birthday my love.


full heart

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