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Learning to Hear the Still small voice BOOMING in my head.


and five, four, three, two, one! HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!


New Year New You! Everywhere you look, Facebook, Magazines, Twitter, Instagram, Pintrest – it never fails that on January 1 you will completely inundated with articles, posts, ads all telling you that this is YOUR YEAR! You can become the NEW YOU. Better than last year. Fresh slate, fresh you. Don’t Wait until Tomorrow! Start Now. BE BETTER. but seriously – no pressure…. Continue reading Learning to Hear the Still small voice BOOMING in my head.

How Prayer Will Inspire Greatness In Your Child

The Moment It Clicked

As parents we are constantly teaching the same lesson to our children over and over again. There are times that you want to throw in the towel and simply accept that they will NEVER GET IT! Those melodramatic moments when you think to yourself, “He will be 40 and I will still be reminding him to wash his hands, to wipe his bum, to pull his pants up BEFORE leaving the bathroom… and the list goes on.

But every once in a while, there is that ‘aha’ moment. Sometimes it comes to you in the moment, other times its a little less obvious.

Today was an ‘aha’ moment. An in your face, crystal clear ‘aha’ moment. Continue reading How Prayer Will Inspire Greatness In Your Child

Honour and obey

Mommy n her kidlets.png

Now that Juders is 3.5, I have stumbled upon attitude supreme. It’s all in the eyes, the downward droop of his eyebrows, the under-the-breath mutterings and in the open defiant, “No you are NOT going to put me in time-out, or NO I’m DON’t have to do that!”

Ultimately, when presented two options, one being to choose to obey and the other to choose a punishment he will generally make the choice of obedience. However, although he may return the towel to the towel bar in the bathroom, or wash his hands, or sit and finish his meal (and the list goes on of the minute-by-minute battles) never does he do so with pleasant, ‘yes Mommy.” NOPE it is ALWAYS accompanied by, at the very least, grumbling and sour faces.

The question is. As a parent what is my primary goal? Continue reading Honour and obey

Tis the season – to finally find true contentment


Tis the season – Christmas has arrived and along with the joy, music, lights and songs comes the mad rush to amass a wealth of things.


Black Friday brought amazing sales for people trying to complete their christmas lists early at a great price. It also brought death. For those unfortunate people who dared to come between someone and their prized items.

Can you even fathom choosing to hurt another person simply for a good deal?

The overwhelming want – need – desire for, for, for… more, more, more…. its consuming.

    Tis the season….

    There are other all-consuming desires that take over though. It isn’t all the evil materialistic items that consume people.

  • A spouse.
  • A baby.
  • Love.

Just to name a few.

Tis the season….

What is Christmas even about? It is my most favourite time of the year. I love every aspect of it. I even love going to the mall – sitting having a smoothie and watching people shop, eat, laugh and talk with friends and family. I love the busyness. I love the get togethers. I love it all.

Tis the season and it brings to mind another time in my life when I too was all consumed. Driven and being driven by a desire. A desire for a baby.

Here’s my story: Continue reading Tis the season – to finally find true contentment

These are a few of my favourite things


Today I am thankful for:

  • Sweet trusting eyes staring into mine.
  • That precious sound of ‘Momma, Momma’ for the first time.
  • Tiny fingers that hold tight to mine.
  • Chubby arms wrapped around my neck squeezing for all their might.
  • The feeling of sticky fingers holding onto mine.
  • Seeing pure delight rush into my baby’s face upon glimpsing mine.
  • Hearing squeals of laughter.
  • The simple declaration of, “I love you Mommy.”
  • Slobbery kisses and hugs that leave your clothing slightly less clean.
  • Snuggles, tickles, story time and sing-songs.
  • Bedtime routines. Middle of the night feedings.

Oh what joy – what pure blessed joy. To have the love of a child. What awe-inspiring knowledge that you have been entrusted with the care of a sweet, innocent little one.  Can there be a greater gift in life? Continue reading These are a few of my favourite things