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Dearest Jude ~ Love Mommy

As I write this letter to you my Jude, I can remember exactly what was happening at this time one year ago today…. you were trying to make your very first appearance! And a grand entrance it was!  The first time I heard your little cry my entire heart was yours. In one instant you commanded a very room, and your Mommy and Daddy’s hearts.

Since that day – life with you has been an adventure!  Ups and downs as we learned how to be your Mommy and Daddy (you naturally had the being a baby thing down pat!)

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A heart of thankfulness

SO ~ I have been offered and consequently have accepted a position. I will now be a program facilitator running programming for parents and their children.  Sky is the limit for the type of programming ~ everything from learning to cook and pamper the Momma’s with pedicures time! The job is perfect for me and its only 22 hrs a week so I won’t have to be gone from Jude too much. From all that I can currently tell the team I will be working with is great, there’s a family oriented dynamic and they seem to all connect and support one another ~ just what I was looking for.

HOWEVER ~ I am not over the moon excited… and why is that?  The answer is obvious – I need to leave my baby boy every week for 22 hrs…. how will I cope?

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