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Who do you believe in?

Santa Claus is NOT pure Evil

Nor will he ruin your children’s faith in God

There seems to be this constant upheaval in the Christian world surrounding Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny and don’t even get me started on Halloween.Jesus is the reason

When I was growing up we didn’t celebrate Santa Claus. I didn’t receive gifts from him, nor do I ever remember believing in him. That being said, we always watched Miracle on 34th Street, sang all the christmas songs about Santa and made Santa decorations. Somehow, in the midst of all that I was still able to know who Christ is, to serve Him with my whole heart and more importantly I was able to never be confused by what the TRUE meaning of Christmas is.

I have struggled with Santa and how I was going to deal with this in my own home now that I am a mother. I vowed that I would never teach my kids about Santa. That there would be no ‘Santa’ gifts. I wasn’t going to fake reindeer steps in the snow, or leave half eaten cookies and drunk milk. I was NOT going to tell my kids there was a Santa Claus because HE has NO place in Christmas.


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Tis the season – to finally find true contentment


Tis the season – Christmas has arrived and along with the joy, music, lights and songs comes the mad rush to amass a wealth of things.


Black Friday brought amazing sales for people trying to complete their christmas lists early at a great price. It also brought death. For those unfortunate people who dared to come between someone and their prized items.

Can you even fathom choosing to hurt another person simply for a good deal?

The overwhelming want – need – desire for, for, for… more, more, more…. its consuming.

    Tis the season….

    There are other all-consuming desires that take over though. It isn’t all the evil materialistic items that consume people.

  • A spouse.
  • A baby.
  • Love.

Just to name a few.

Tis the season….

What is Christmas even about? It is my most favourite time of the year. I love every aspect of it. I even love going to the mall – sitting having a smoothie and watching people shop, eat, laugh and talk with friends and family. I love the busyness. I love the get togethers. I love it all.

Tis the season and it brings to mind another time in my life when I too was all consumed. Driven and being driven by a desire. A desire for a baby.

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