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Honour and obey

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Now that Juders is 3.5, I have stumbled upon attitude supreme. It’s all in the eyes, the downward droop of his eyebrows, the under-the-breath mutterings and in the open defiant, “No you are NOT going to put me in time-out, or NO I’m DON’t have to do that!”

Ultimately, when presented two options, one being to choose to obey and the other to choose a punishment he will generally make the choice of obedience. However, although he may return the towel to the towel bar in the bathroom, or wash his hands, or sit and finish his meal (and the list goes on of the minute-by-minute battles) never does he do so with pleasant, ‘yes Mommy.” NOPE it is ALWAYS accompanied by, at the very least, grumbling and sour faces.

The question is. As a parent what is my primary goal? Continue reading Honour and obey

Tantrum time!

My precious baby boy is now 13 months old and has begun to throw fits…..  can it really be?  What happened to the terrible two’s? I am certain that I heard I had a good two years of perfect children before I would ever have to concern myself with discipline measures? Is this a forewarning of what is to come? Are there any terrifying theories out there that say if a child begins having fits at 13 months that the parents can kiss goodbye the ‘perfect obedient child‘ dream? Continue reading Tantrum time!