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Princesses change the WORLD one tutu at a time.

There is this thing about having little girls – at least in my world – you are bound and determined from the onset to make the world pink, filled with tutus and in general be all things princess.

All Things Princess

In your mind, she will twirl, and primp, sing like Snow White, dazzle the world like Cinderella, have a heart of gold and will rock her tutus and frills like a rock star.

I may be alone in this thinking – but given the high rate of sales on the most adorable little girl outfits and the etsy stores created for tutus and tutus alone… I would guess that I am not.

It really is all about the LIPS!

My little girl has yet to let me down! She loves her tutus  (rocks them with a pair of jeans like it’s simply normal to dress this way) has mastered the art of matching her socks with her shirt. Has more “pretties” then I do and generally will not leave the house without the adornment of,  at the very least, 3 diva hair clips. And let us not forget the lips. Ever since she discovered Mommy applying lipstick she has been obsessed with her ‘lips’. Judge me if you will, but I have yet been able to deny those doe eyes and sweet sing-songy voice that says, “don’t forget my lips Mommy!’ She will not be put off by the pale pink shades either! Nope its red all the way!

Princess Got Grit

Here’s the thing about princesses though – they should never be confused or in someway paired with the description of being weak, flaky or doormats. While Emma is sweet, stunningly beautiful, loves to adorn herself with all the ‘pretties’ in her possession and twirls about the house in a hot pink tutu – she is a force to reckon with. She possesses a spirit of strength, determination and will-power. She will not be deterred nor is she easily swayed of her opinions. She just turned 3 – and she is a Princess with grit.

Princesses can BURP with the best of them!

emmabdayThere is nothing I love more about Emma then her spit-fire attitude. At times I feel like pulling out my hair and wonder how I will ever manage the teenage years.  But right now,
in this moment, I see my daughter’s will, eyes that light with fire and determination, a spirit that is strong and confident and I am filled with admiration.  I watch her apply countless layers of “lips” and spin about in her dresses. She is a little girl who brings me hair supplies so I can pin up her hair like “Elsa” and then goes to a hockey game and has a burping contest with our youth pastor!!  (yep you heard me right… honestly I’m pretty sure she won that contest too!)   My heart soars when I think – she is my little girl!

Emma is a little princess have not doubt – but she is a little princess who will shake mountains!

Let her sleep now – for when she wakes she will move mountains…

I’m raising a little Princess who will rock a tutu in hiking boots from the peak of a mountain. A Princess Warrior who will shake leaders from their sleep! A little princess adorned in pink and heels who will bring about change in our nation.

FullSizeRender (1)While she will turn her Mommy’s hair grey with her endless arguing and battle of wills – I am a proud Mommy! A Mommy who’s raising a little Princess that will do mighty, mighty things and in a tutu to boot!

Happy 3rd Birthday my sweet, lovely Emma. I love you so much and I pray that you will always stand strong and confident in who God created you to be. That you will not allow the troubles of this world to shake your will. I pray that you will hold fast to the spirit of God alive in you – a spirit not of fear – but of love, power and a sound mind. Rock your pink and pretties all the days of your life and remember who you are.

Love you forever and a day from here to eternity. xoxoxox


Remember always who you ARE before the world told you who you should be. – a child of the ONE TRUE KING.



How I made the DECISION to slowly destroy my marriage

The Conversation

We were all in the car together one afternoon when out of nowhere came a profound question from my five-year-old son.
“Daddy,” he began in a very serious tone, “How did you know who was going to be your girl?”
“My girl? Do you mean did I choose who was going to be my daughter?”
“No Daddy! Your girl, like Mommy, how did you choose Mommy?”
“Oh you mean my wife?”
“Yes. Daddy how did you make the DECISION (he over pronounces each syllable of this very big word) of who was going to be YOUR girl?”

Out of the mouths of babes. Key word in this whole conversation is DECISION. Even as my son over pronounced each syllable it was like a gong ringing loudly. It wasn’t an accident. A spur of the moment,  flippant  or a ‘well got nothing better to do’ attitude. It was a thoughtful, prayer soaked, intentional DECISION.


LOVE is more then a feeling. LOVE is a decision. Often times, especially after kid #2 arrives and you’re awake much more then you ever sleep, it can become a daily decision. BUT a decision none-the-less.

With the arrival of Valentines Day, and the neon lights are flashing about LOVE – I feel that this is the time to share with you all something that I have been wrestling with for some time now. Something that is very difficult for me to say. Even more so to write down. Continue reading How I made the DECISION to slowly destroy my marriage

Parenting PerspectiveTHE NEED:every single infinitesimal need

Today she needs me. Desperately, insistently, and for everything.

Today she needs me to; listen to her stories, watch her dance, paint with her, find her favourite blankie, wear the Super Hero mask, tickle her, sing to her, get her water, get her lunch, find her favourite princess underwear, and without doubt the most important need – to laugh with her.
Today she needs me to tuck her in and say her prayers, snuggle her and get her the hundredth glass of water all before – WAIT! Now she NEEDS me to take her potty (big surprise…)
Today she needs me to help her get up on the potty and wipe her bum.
Today she needs me to help her reach things that are too high, carry heavy loads and hold her hand when danger (real or perceived) lurks near.

Simply put – Today she NEEDS me for nearly everything.

And that constant need can be exhausting can’t it?

Continue reading 4 Simple Words that will Shake your Parenting Perspective

Learning to Hear the Still small voice BOOMING in my head.


and five, four, three, two, one! HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!


New Year New You! Everywhere you look, Facebook, Magazines, Twitter, Instagram, Pintrest – it never fails that on January 1 you will completely inundated with articles, posts, ads all telling you that this is YOUR YEAR! You can become the NEW YOU. Better than last year. Fresh slate, fresh you. Don’t Wait until Tomorrow! Start Now. BE BETTER. but seriously – no pressure…. Continue reading Learning to Hear the Still small voice BOOMING in my head.

To the Mom who feels like a failure


Most days, as a parent are (if your world is anything like mine) 90% hard parenting, and 10% fun, let your hair down tickles and giggles moments.

Sweet baby girl in my armsWhen the days run into each other, you really begin to feel like all you are is a police sergeant. You miss those days early on when 90% of your day was snuggles and cuddles and 10% diaper changes…

If you’re anything like me – you feel the weight of being the “MEAN MOMMY” as my 5-year old called me the other day, and guilt sets in.

Am I doing this whole parenting thing right? Am I all talk? Do I really think I’ll survive if they ever say those dreaded words, “I Hate you?”

Here’s what happened the other day – afterwards, even re-reading this post entry I felt like crying. Being the Mean Mommy is the most difficult part of parenting – and may also be one of the most important. Continue reading To the Mom who feels like a failure