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Learning to Hear the Still small voice BOOMING in my head.


and five, four, three, two, one! HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!


New Year New You! Everywhere you look, Facebook, Magazines, Twitter, Instagram, Pintrest – it never fails that on January 1 you will completely inundated with articles, posts, ads all telling you that this is YOUR YEAR! You can become the NEW YOU. Better than last year. Fresh slate, fresh you. Don’t Wait until Tomorrow! Start Now. BE BETTER. but seriously – no pressure…. Continue reading Learning to Hear the Still small voice BOOMING in my head.


Life is fragile

At church yesterday, I was holding my son in my arms trying to rock him to sleep.  Once he fell asleep I didn’t go back to my seat because he’s been not feeling well lately and wakes easily. I was worried that my sitting and ceasing rocking would wake him. So I continued to walk and bounce. Once the service ended, he was still sleeping in my arms and I proceeded to chat with some friends. At one point, his weight became apparent to me and I realized I needed to sit down.

I walked over to a seat and began to lower into the chair and then I knew…. I had pulled my back. I sat very still holding my sleeping son until my husband came near. I told him that I wouldn’t be able to stand again with Jude in my arms because my back was hurting.  So when Jude woke and it was time to pack up and leave Wado came and carried him.  Then I stood, and sheer pain ripped through me. I had done it alright, my back was locked.

That evening I did my stretches, soaked in epsom salts, and iced, iced, iced.  This morning when I woke I could barely walk… oh this body of mine!  So fragile, so easily broken.  I put a call in to my chiropractor and will be seeing her today at one o’clock. In the meantime, my husband had to call in to work because I can’t even lift my son. So here I sit, in the only chair in my house that is straight and hard (so perfect for my aching self) and I write. Continue reading Life is fragile

Mommy serves baby cat food…..

Have I told you about my son?  The boy who’ll eat anything and literally everything!  If that child so much as senses that there is food nearby of which he is currently NOT partaking – you will know about it! HE LOVES FOOD.  My son has two loves, two things that will make his little arms flail and the happiest giggles and gurgles to emit from his little (or not so little) body… FOOD and his Praise Baby videos.

Obviously, I am well aware of my son’s love of food – but until today, I didn’t realize just how far he’d go to eat whatever was near at hand.

SO – this morning I’m in the kitchen tidying up, Jude is on the floor happily playing with a water bottle (please don’t judge.. he HAS toys, he just seems to like water bottles more!)  I had finished in the kitchen and needed to gather some things in the living room. Rather than disturb his play I decide to just leave him where he’s at and finish up in the living room quickly.

A few minutes later, I hear some weird sounds coming from the kitchen and my son (and my cats for that matter).  I go into the kitchen to inspect and find this.

Preparing himself a snack of cat food!

Clearly he is a starved child!

Jude happily enjoying his ‘cat food’ snack that he prepared for himself.

Molly is trying to rescue her food from the ‘cat food’ robber!

That’s right! My son decided that apparently I was holding out on him and not giving him delicious cat food!  So he helped himself. As you can see my cat Molly is trying to get in there to protect her food but Jude is a formidable force to reckon with when it comes to food. Long story short – Molly never did get to rescue her food!

SO to all my Mama friends – what food/non food has your baby snuck behind your back!?

Some Mommy’s have a hard time because their child is picky.. I think I may be eaten out of house and home! 🙂

Happy day my friends – praying you get to eat more than cat food today!

Notice he is ONCE again filling his face!!!!!

PS – after a couple photo opps (I really couldn’t resist!)  my baby ended up here.