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Learning to Hear the Still small voice BOOMING in my head.


and five, four, three, two, one! HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!


New Year New You! Everywhere you look, Facebook, Magazines, Twitter, Instagram, Pintrest – it never fails that on January 1 you will completely inundated with articles, posts, ads all telling you that this is YOUR YEAR! You can become the NEW YOU. Better than last year. Fresh slate, fresh you. Don’t Wait until Tomorrow! Start Now. BE BETTER. but seriously – no pressure…. Continue reading Learning to Hear the Still small voice BOOMING in my head.

How Prayer Will Inspire Greatness In Your Child

The Moment It Clicked

As parents we are constantly teaching the same lesson to our children over and over again. There are times that you want to throw in the towel and simply accept that they will NEVER GET IT! Those melodramatic moments when you think to yourself, “He will be 40 and I will still be reminding him to wash his hands, to wipe his bum, to pull his pants up BEFORE leaving the bathroom… and the list goes on.

But every once in a while, there is that ‘aha’ moment. Sometimes it comes to you in the moment, other times its a little less obvious.

Today was an ‘aha’ moment. An in your face, crystal clear ‘aha’ moment. Continue reading How Prayer Will Inspire Greatness In Your Child

SuperMom or SuperFail


Yesterday was one of those days. One of those “I feel like a failure” kinda’ve days. You know them well, any parent has them I’m sure. Most days I am quite sane and can logically reason and know that I am a loving, attentive parent who is doing the best she can for her children. Then there are those days that I am illogical and take everything to heart and feel as though I am the worst of all parents in the world!

I recently took a new position at work, which comes with its pros and cons. Pros – I no longer work shift work – Cons – for the kids it feels like I’m gone a whole lot more. 4 days in a row every single week.

It’s been three weeks and has been a huge adjustment for the kids, and if I’m honest me as well!

Thus brings us to yesterday. Continue reading SuperMom or SuperFail

Leading by example


Christmas has come and gone. My house is filled to the brim with new toys (for child and adult alike!). I definitely went overboard for Jude this year. Every time I went to the store I would see some other small gadget that I KNEW would make his eyes shine and I bought it. When I finally hauled out the stash to wrap, I was more than a little embarrassed by how much I had bought for my three-year old. EEK.

Jude has been hard-core about the Rescue Bots transformers. And so I found these adorable rescue bot toys and bought him as many as there were. Unfortunately, they had all but one of the Rescue Bots. I believed he wouldn’t notice and at the ridiculous price I was getting them for, I couldn’t pass up such a deal simply because the group of Rescue Bots would be incomplete.

Keep in mind he’s three. He REALLY doesn’t need all these toys..


So now Christmas is over. He has been spoiled to the moon and back. And what does my blessed, beautiful child do?  He comes to me whining and complaining because he wants, he NEEDS Boulder (the missing Bot). He doesn’t want to play with the other FIVE Rescue Bots that he does have. NO he NEEDS Boulder. The whining and complaining was incessant. Real, actual tears sliding down his cheeks as he wills me to understand the depths of his sorrow.

Does my heart break?

Yes, yes it does. But not for reasons you might think.  Continue reading Leading by example