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Stop and Listen

I AM that Mom

Is Love Enough?

Love of a child“Mommy? I wanna stay home with you and Daddy, because I love you both so much Mommy. And also it hurts my heart when I’m not with you.”

With two sweet arms wrapped around my neck, how could I EVER let go. And more to the point, how am I supposed to just say, “Too bad kid. You’re going to school no matter how much it breaks your heart.”

But I am getting ahead of myself. Let me back up and start at the beginning. Paint you a proper picture, and then if you would be so kind as to give me some parental guidance…. Continue reading I AM that Mom

the abyss that is the Mommy bag.

I have lost so many things in my lifetime I have sincerly lost track… on occasion a lost item will resurface (always a wonderful occurence!) And 9 times out of 10 when it does resurface it is found in… (drum roll please…) MY PURSE! Continue reading the abyss that is the Mommy bag.

A New Life Chapter

Today – Monday, August 29th, 2011: The new chapter in my life that is being a Working Mom.

The day that I have been dreading… since oh probably since the stick turned pink (yes, yes I AM a drama Queen) but truly, since the day I found out I was having a baby all I wanted was to be a stay-at-home Mommy and dreaded the reality that said that was a pretty much certain impossibility….

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