To all the Daddy’s On Fathers Day Who Give Your Children Wings to FLY

Kids_Room_Wall_Art_-_FlyTwinsDaddy, Daddy – I want to fly!!!!!

Nearly every night I hear these words sung by my 5 and 3 year old children. They always want Daddy to Fly them up to bed!  And they know, no matter how tired their Daddy is, no matter how busy he is, who is calling or texting or what other work awaits him once they are finally settled for the night, they know he will ALWAYS make them fly…. why you ask? Why will he always put their needs first? Why does he choose to make them laugh with utter abandon even though his feet are weary to the core?

The answer is simple of course…….. it’s all in his name.


In a world that is broken, lost and hurting; in a world where far too many go without the love, faithfulness and steadfastness of a Father; in a world where there is a need for the presence and effects that a father, a good faithful upright father brings to a child’s life and future; in that world – I consider myself blessed beyond measure. I have a father who I called Daddy. He was always there for me. Always. I never knew what it was to go without. He provided for my every need. (Need not want… to this day I have yet to receive that Cabbage Patch Doll I so desperately wanted!) He flew me to the moon and back when I asked. He made me laugh, he held me when I cried. He made the BEST kraft dinner that ever existed, and to this day no matter how tired he is, he will ALWAYS get up and mHappy Birthday Dad!ake a ginger bread cake (from scratch) if I ask!!! He protected me, shielded me and offered me the love and encouragement my tender heart so desperately needed. He gave me the courage to step out on my own. He built me up, made me believe that being assertive, and strong minded was a character trait to be honoured. He believed in me and taught me to believe in myself.  He gave me wings to fly.

Thank you Dad, for being the kind of man that I needed as a little girl. Thank you for allowing me to grow up, to test the waters, to become the woman I am today. Thank you for loving me, encouraging me and most especially not killing me when I crashed the van…. twice…..  I am honoured that you are a godly, good, kind and faithful man. That you are always here for me and that even though you never bought me a Cabbage Patch doll you still loved me!!! 

Happy Fathers Day!

They Call Him Wado!

Today I am honoured to be walking alongside a man just like my own father. He loves our children and would do anything for them. He respects them, puts them first in hLodge-Extras-39is life. He treasures his children and the world knows it’s true. There is nothing that is ever more important then them. He plays with them, wrestles them (especially at bedtime when I am trying to settle them down!) tickles them and makes them laugh with utter abandon. Seriously there is no one that can elicit a gut laugh from those kidlets better then Wado!! Daddy is always there for a game of hockey in the freezing cold (cuz you know Mommy won’t be convinced to go out!) a game of soccer or baseball. A trip to the park or for ice cream. Daddy is there to read stories, play the Wii, or sing them songs. Daily he speaks words of life over them, words of encouragement, words that build them up. In him they know they are secure for he never lets them down. He is faithful and good and just. They know that even when he becomes angry and has to discipline them, they know that he loves them beyond words.  Every day he chooses them, he chooses to put them first and in this he is building them up, and giving them wings to one day fly.

Wado – I love who you are with and for our children. You are real (flaws and all) and you invest of your time, your love and yourself in the lives of our children. They adore you with every fibre of their beings and that is because you are AMAZING! Thank you for loving them, devoting yourself to them and being the kind of man that they will always treasure, respect and want to be like. My heart soars that YOU are their Daddy – even though they mostly call you Wado!!!


My Father – the Keeper of my soul

I also have a Heavenly Father in whom my soul calls home. He loves me without measure or end. His love is pure, unmatched and ceaseless. When I falter (and I do often) He picks me up. When my heart cries, when my shoulders droop in weariness, or when I say I cannot go another step, HE is there carrying me, shielding me, holding me and helping me fly.  My Father is good, and kind, He is just and faithful and He promises that no matter what, He will never leave me.  In Him I am secure, and I am whole.

Words of Truth

In a world of brokenness, there is a FATHER who is unlike any other. There is a Father who will carry you, who will protect you, make you laugh, wipe your tears and give you wings to fly. In a world where more people grow up with no father, or none they want to honour (none deserving of their honour) in this world and for those individuals – there is a FATHER who IS so deserving. He alone can heal your brokenness, He alone can shield your heart, wipe your silent tears and give you wings to fly again.

Calling your Name

On this day, the day we honour the fathers in our lives, if you should find yourself without a father.. I would like to say one thing – God is there. He is a Faithful, Kind, Good and Just Father that longs for you, that loves you and He is there if you want to make Him your own.

Your turn! Please share your own stories/words of wisdom :)