I don’t know how she does it….

Ok – so I officially only work 22 hrs a week.. AND in a week Jude only goes to day care one day. AND that work day only starts at 10 AM….. even still on that one day – I am stressed out – forgetting everything and managing to be late… FOR EVERYTHING.

True story…

  • Woke up at 7:45 am.
  • Showered, dressed and applied makeup (enough to make self look human after being up all night with adorable son… yes I add the word adorable to remind me why I love him! lol…)
  • Jude woke up
  • smelling like pee
  • Jude goes into the bathtub
  • Jude is dressed for the day.
  • Mommy packs Jude’s bag
  • Mommy makes Jude’s breakfast
  • Jude eats breakfast
  • Mommy makes Jude’s lunch and Mommy’s lunch
  • Mommy notices the time
  • Mommy starts rushing around like a crazy woman because she’s now late
  • 9:48 am – Mommy and Jude finally in the car and driving to day care
  • 9:52 am – Mommy realizes as she listens to Jude talking in the backseat that she forgot his choochie – turns around and goes back home
  • 9:58 am – back in the car on the way to daycare!
  • 10:06 am – bring in Jude and his MOUNTAIN of stuff… seriously he’s one little, itty bitty person WHY does he need so much stuff for one short day!
  • Relate to Judi (my friend who cares for him) all that she needs to know for the day.
  • Kiss Jude
  • Rush to work
  • Arrive at work at 10:23 am..
Now here’s my question….HOW DO MOM’S DO IT? Seriously. What about those Mom’s who have multiple children and work full time?  To get me alone out the door in the morning is quite the feat.. but a whole family! And what if I started work earlier in the morning.. As in say 8:30 like most people!!!
To which I answer … I can never work full time.  IT cannot be done. I would fail. Or at the very least be fired because I would be late for work every day of my life.
To all you full time working Momma’s out there. Hats off to you. And if you could pass on a few words of advice because I am sure that despite my vehement protests I will surely be joining your ranks one of these days….
Phew – just remembering this day has exhaustigated me.. I’m off to sleep! (hopefully all night….)

2 thoughts on “I don’t know how she does it….

  1. Oh Erin, I feel your pain.
    Yes it’s hard to work full time. I only had Jessica and like you, have no clue how people with more than one child do it. I do know this however, you do what you gotta do and you adapt. You have to look at what you could do differently. Now, if you’re like me, getting up earlier is not in the cards. So instead, you can make the lunches and organize all the stuff you need for the morning the night before, such as packing Jude’s bag and taking out the breakfast fixings and yours and Jude’s clothes. If you have to go in earlier you could also have Jude eat his breakfast at the babysitter’s house. Hope this helps.
    Love you,
    Auntie Luci

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