Watch me Mommy – I’ll show you how to dance


“Mommy, do it like this! No Mommy, not like that. Here I’ll show you.”

So you’re a grown adult. You have survived childhood, elementary school, high school, your first crush and consequent heartbreak. You have passed your drivers test, graduated from post education, you have established your career, gotten married and had children. You THINK you know a few things – until your child turns 3. Suddenly (and I hear it only progresses from here) you actually don’t know how to do much. You are always wrong and need the skills of a toddler to instruct you in the ways of life. Specifically, dancing.

Jude rocks the world of dancing. That child can move like nobody’s business! And in the process cause his mommy to die in laughter.

And he knows it!

The thing of it is this. I can be feeling downright miserable, having a terrible day. I’m in quite the state emotionally and Jude walks in the room and starts to dance. Suddenly, I have forgotten what had gotten me down in the first place. Laughter bubbles up from within and then those cute little dimples appear. I have made Jude happy. To see me laugh, makes him laugh. Isn’t that the sweetest thing?

I stop and ask myself – how am I so blessed? To have this sweet boy in my life – bringing joy and laughter every single day.


This morning I was exhausted and having a very difficult time rising. As I lay on my bed my beautiful child jumps on the bed – naked – and starts to dance. As I start giggling, he laughs and shakes his hips more and more. Then he says, “Mommy get up, dance with me. Like this Mommy!”

And suddenly, I’m up, we’re laughing and dancing, just like Jude said.

Such a wise little boy.

It amazes me. I am the adult. I am the one who should be saying, “Watch me Jude. I’ll teach you. I’ll show you how to live.” And here, in this moment – my son is the teacher. He’s showing me there is so much joy in living! Stop. Take a minute to set aside the frustrations and weary things of life and just dance! Strip off the burdens of life and just dance. Laugh, live and dance.

Such a simple lesson – and yet who better to teach than the one who understands best, who has yet to allow life to get him down, to weigh on his shoulders, and make him weary?

My prayer is that as my son watches me – he won’t see me carrying the weight and burdens. The stress and anxiety. The fears and frustrations. My prayer is that I will watch him simultaneously and as he grows he will see me dancing. Every day. With joy and laughter.


Here’s wishing you all a beautiful day of laughter and dancing.

Watch Me Mommy



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