Meet Me

I am the wife of a wonderful man, Wado Potatoe (aka Wade) and a mother to the sweetest, most loveable and kissable kids that ever there was, Jude and Emma (yes I AM slightly biased!)

My husband is the worship/associate pastor at our church and Jude, Emma and I are helpers there! Anything from kids to music, I love helping wherever I can.

Currently, I am a SAHM and loving my time to love on, and connect with my kidlets.

This blog is my way of taking time each day to remember – the good, the bad and the funny! Every memory is worth documenting for the future. AND I thought other mom’s would like to experience life along with me! So I share…

Nothing is quite as sweet as things shared – so please share with me! I would love to hear your feedback and most especially to hear your stories as well.

As you read please leave comments for me and for others to read about your own personal stories of the day.

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Your turn! Please share your own stories/words of wisdom :)