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My name is Erin, and I am the momma that needs coffee…or at least the effects of coffee!  Since I first began to write on this blog my life has changed – I have gone from being the mother of one super cool dude – to two wonderful kidlets for whom I am over the moon in love; Jude and Emma, the stars of this blog!  My family is my joy and my life’s blessings. They make me laugh, smile and sometimes cry.

Once upon a time, I read that ‘things are sweeter when shared with a friend’.. based upon this I commit to you, my new-found friends, to make life all the more sweeter by sharing my stories of the day, and in return it is my hope that you too will feel free to share your stories of the day.

You will find nothing here but the real me, living my life as a momma, wife and woman, unpretentiously. There is no perfect parent and I certainly do not in any manner believe that I have the answers, but along the journey of parenting, marriage, and life… we all uncover tidbits of truth, wisdom and more often hilarity. This is what I aspire to share with all of you.

Someone once told me that often people find their favourite blogs, and read them every morning with their cup of coffee. I hope that you find this blog to be such worthy morning reading material.

Until next time – I wish you a happy day 🙂

Your turn! Please share your own stories/words of wisdom :)