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Terrible Two’s I wish you Adieu ….

How can it be? It is beyond imagining that such a short short time ago I first held a tiny infant boy in my arms. Terrified and overwhelmingly happy. Joy unspeakable. And now that little baby is THREE! Three years have really come and gone? No. I do not believe it to be true. It simply cannot be.
baby Jude

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Tantrum time!

My precious baby boy is now 13 months old and has begun to throw fits…..  can it really be?  What happened to the terrible two’s? I am certain that I heard I had a good two years of perfect children before I would ever have to concern myself with discipline measures? Is this a forewarning of what is to come? Are there any terrifying theories out there that say if a child begins having fits at 13 months that the parents can kiss goodbye the ‘perfect obedient child‘ dream? Continue reading Tantrum time!