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Life is fragile

At church yesterday, I was holding my son in my arms trying to rock him to sleep.  Once he fell asleep I didn’t go back to my seat because he’s been not feeling well lately and wakes easily. I was worried that my sitting and ceasing rocking would wake him. So I continued to walk and bounce. Once the service ended, he was still sleeping in my arms and I proceeded to chat with some friends. At one point, his weight became apparent to me and I realized I needed to sit down.

I walked over to a seat and began to lower into the chair and then I knew…. I had pulled my back. I sat very still holding my sleeping son until my husband came near. I told him that I wouldn’t be able to stand again with Jude in my arms because my back was hurting.  So when Jude woke and it was time to pack up and leave Wado came and carried him.  Then I stood, and sheer pain ripped through me. I had done it alright, my back was locked.

That evening I did my stretches, soaked in epsom salts, and iced, iced, iced.  This morning when I woke I could barely walk… oh this body of mine!  So fragile, so easily broken.  I put a call in to my chiropractor and will be seeing her today at one o’clock. In the meantime, my husband had to call in to work because I can’t even lift my son. So here I sit, in the only chair in my house that is straight and hard (so perfect for my aching self) and I write. Continue reading Life is fragile