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Sing me a lullaby


Today was ‘one of those days.’ Although, truth be told, most days actually run into the other and are seemingly ALL ‘One of those days’. The rare days are the ones free of fits, tantrums, battle of wills and pure exhaustion. And let’s face it, they just don’t come around very often – not when living with a 3.5 year old.
Suffice it to say – it was ‘one of those not so rare days‘ starting at the crack of dawn WITH (drum roll please) a complete and total break down. Tears, screaming, complete and total fit central. Continue reading Sing me a lullaby

Poopster strikes again… (and brings friends to the party)

Meet Jude.The Cute, The Adorable

  • Super duper adorable (with the future of handsome looming)
  • Intelligent, artistic, witty and for a 2 almost 3-year-old Freaking hilarious! (I may be biased but man can that kid crack me up)

All traits that most Mother’s can and do boast about their own sons.

There is one trait Jude possesses that, in my opinion, separates him from others.

It is his world-class, astonishingly amazing ability to POOP. Continue reading Poopster strikes again… (and brings friends to the party)

Whose kid is that anyway?


does this not make you smile?Jude is the cutest child EVAH I do declare!

Sweet little urchin – his smile makes you smile, and when he turns those gorgeous blues on you, you just can’t help but stare. His voice, his giggle, his belly laugh and those one liners KILL me. every. single. time.

However…. Continue reading Whose kid is that anyway?