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SuperMom or SuperFail


Yesterday was one of those days. One of those “I feel like a failure” kinda’ve days. You know them well, any parent has them I’m sure. Most days I am quite sane and can logically reason and know that I am a loving, attentive parent who is doing the best she can for her children. Then there are those days that I am illogical and take everything to heart and feel as though I am the worst of all parents in the world!

I recently took a new position at work, which comes with its pros and cons. Pros – I no longer work shift work – Cons – for the kids it feels like I’m gone a whole lot more. 4 days in a row every single week.

It’s been three weeks and has been a huge adjustment for the kids, and if I’m honest me as well!

Thus brings us to yesterday. Continue reading SuperMom or SuperFail

Watch me Mommy – I’ll show you how to dance


“Mommy, do it like this! No Mommy, not like that. Here I’ll show you.”

So you’re a grown adult. You have survived childhood, elementary school, high school, your first crush and consequent heartbreak. You have passed your drivers test, graduated from post education, you have established your career, gotten married and had children. You THINK you know a few things – until your child turns 3. Continue reading Watch me Mommy – I’ll show you how to dance

This is life.

Today was a day, just like any other day – full of ups and downs. It’s my brother’s 40th Birthday today – (YEAH! Let’s give a HUGE shout out Happy Birthday to my big brother!) My sister planned a party for him at Bathtub Island (for those of you not from here.. its this remote little spot just 30 min south of Wawa, Ontario) The sand is INCREDIBLE – the water GORGEOUS and I imagine had today NOT been on the cooler side with a thick, low fog everywhere, it would have been an over the top amazing beach day! As it was, it was an ok day. No need for sunscreen or setting up little man’s sun tent! Which reminds me – what ARE your thoughts on sunscreen? Continue reading This is life.