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How I made the DECISION to slowly destroy my marriage

The Conversation

We were all in the car together one afternoon when out of nowhere came a profound question from my five-year-old son.
“Daddy,” he began in a very serious tone, “How did you know who was going to be your girl?”
“My girl? Do you mean did I choose who was going to be my daughter?”
“No Daddy! Your girl, like Mommy, how did you choose Mommy?”
“Oh you mean my wife?”
“Yes. Daddy how did you make the DECISION (he over pronounces each syllable of this very big word) of who was going to be YOUR girl?”

Out of the mouths of babes. Key word in this whole conversation is DECISION. Even as my son over pronounced each syllable it was like a gong ringing loudly. It wasn’t an accident. A spur of the moment,  flippant  or a ‘well got nothing better to do’ attitude. It was a thoughtful, prayer soaked, intentional DECISION.


LOVE is more then a feeling. LOVE is a decision. Often times, especially after kid #2 arrives and you’re awake much more then you ever sleep, it can become a daily decision. BUT a decision none-the-less.

With the arrival of Valentines Day, and the neon lights are flashing about LOVE – I feel that this is the time to share with you all something that I have been wrestling with for some time now. Something that is very difficult for me to say. Even more so to write down. Continue reading How I made the DECISION to slowly destroy my marriage