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A letter to my love on his 40th Birthday

VINTAGE is where its at!! vintage

We stood in the kitchen, weary after yet another long day, making dinner for ourselves and the two crazy hooligans who call us Mom and Dad. Working together in relative silence, not because there was nothing to say so much as the act of putting words into a sentence required more energy then either of us possessed at that moment. The mutual, unspoken goal was simple: get dinner made, kids fed, house tidied and go to sleep. (or at the very least, resign to our vegetative perch in the land of The Office!)  I glanced over at my husband and something silvery caught my attention. I looked again and yep there it was the tiniest tuft of grey hair! Not a single strand something that can be pulled out and denied its existence. This was a significant patch of silvery grey locks, nestled on the head of my love. Naturally, being the loving, caring considerate wife that I am I immediately drew his attention to and laughingly called him an old man! Trust me it literally made his day 🙂

He STILL makes my heart twitter and flutter – silver locks and all!

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