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To the Mom who feels like a failure


Most days, as a parent are (if your world is anything like mine) 90% hard parenting, and 10% fun, let your hair down tickles and giggles moments.

Sweet baby girl in my armsWhen the days run into each other, you really begin to feel like all you are is a police sergeant. You miss those days early on when 90% of your day was snuggles and cuddles and 10% diaper changes…

If you’re anything like me – you feel the weight of being the “MEAN MOMMY” as my 5-year old called me the other day, and guilt sets in.

Am I doing this whole parenting thing right? Am I all talk? Do I really think I’ll survive if they ever say those dreaded words, “I Hate you?”

Here’s what happened the other day – afterwards, even re-reading this post entry I felt like crying. Being the Mean Mommy is the most difficult part of parenting – and may also be one of the most important. Continue reading To the Mom who feels like a failure