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To the Mom who feels like a failure


Most days, as a parent are (if your world is anything like mine) 90% hard parenting, and 10% fun, let your hair down tickles and giggles moments.

Sweet baby girl in my armsWhen the days run into each other, you really begin to feel like all you are is a police sergeant. You miss those days early on when 90% of your day was snuggles and cuddles and 10% diaper changes…

If you’re anything like me – you feel the weight of being the “MEAN MOMMY” as my 5-year old called me the other day, and guilt sets in.

Am I doing this whole parenting thing right? Am I all talk? Do I really think I’ll survive if they ever say those dreaded words, “I Hate you?”

Here’s what happened the other day – afterwards, even re-reading this post entry I felt like crying. Being the Mean Mommy is the most difficult part of parenting – and may also be one of the most important. Continue reading To the Mom who feels like a failure

SuperMom or SuperFail


Yesterday was one of those days. One of those “I feel like a failure” kinda’ve days. You know them well, any parent has them I’m sure. Most days I am quite sane and can logically reason and know that I am a loving, attentive parent who is doing the best she can for her children. Then there are those days that I am illogical and take everything to heart and feel as though I am the worst of all parents in the world!

I recently took a new position at work, which comes with its pros and cons. Pros – I no longer work shift work – Cons – for the kids it feels like I’m gone a whole lot more. 4 days in a row every single week.

It’s been three weeks and has been a huge adjustment for the kids, and if I’m honest me as well!

Thus brings us to yesterday. Continue reading SuperMom or SuperFail

Terrible Two’s I wish you Adieu ….

How can it be? It is beyond imagining that such a short short time ago I first held a tiny infant boy in my arms. Terrified and overwhelmingly happy. Joy unspeakable. And now that little baby is THREE! Three years have really come and gone? No. I do not believe it to be true. It simply cannot be.
baby Jude

Continue reading Terrible Two’s I wish you Adieu ….

Tantrum time!

My precious baby boy is now 13 months old and has begun to throw fits…..  can it really be?  What happened to the terrible two’s? I am certain that I heard I had a good two years of perfect children before I would ever have to concern myself with discipline measures? Is this a forewarning of what is to come? Are there any terrifying theories out there that say if a child begins having fits at 13 months that the parents can kiss goodbye the ‘perfect obedient child‘ dream? Continue reading Tantrum time!