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Capturing the heart of your Child

Love of a child
Capturing the heart of your child is NOT as easy as giving them what they want.

HE Loves ME ~ He Loves Me Not

We were getting ready for bed the other night – I had just sent Jude and Emma to use the washroom and brush their teeth – general routine that happens every night, and as with most nights it was accomplished with just a LITTLE bit of complaining.

I held fast, weary in every part of my body. Exhausted from the effort that is parenting some days.  The constant ~ do this, don’t do that, watch your manners, don’t jump on the wall, put your shoes away, and the classicFor goodness sake if you’re hungry enough to eat your own nasty boogers I’m sure you can eat even a morsel of the delicious supper I made for you!!!”you know the drill.

As I sat on one of the little kid chairs in Jude’s room waiting for them to come join me so we could pray I rested my head on my knees. Continue reading Capturing the heart of your Child