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Eating Poop: All in the name of tolerance

One morning in the not too distant past…

Wade, while changing Emma’s diaper, “ARRRGHHH!!! NO!!”
Knowing I have absolutely no desire to ACTUALLY know why he’s upset I call out from the safety of our bedroom, “What happened?” Praying that he doesn’t say he needs me.
Wade, “Emma just stuck her hand in her poopy diaper and then put her hand in her mouth.”
I gag, and stay right where I am.

Wade, “Wait… no… ok, she didn’t stick her hand in her mouth.”poop-where
Emma suddenly lets out an ear piercing scream of pure rage.
Wade, “Emma don’t stick your hand there, no Emma that’s poop!”

And thus our day began with a bang!

To say NO or not to say NO:
That is the question.


Isn’t it amazing how one tiny little word, “No” can elicit such strong, passionate responses? Equally amazing is how Emma can be so completely convinced that what she wants AND needs is to stick her hand in her poopy diaper and then taste test it. So compelled is she by her conviction, that her entire body shakes with rage, huge tears course down her chunky cheeks as she stares at Wade, the evil father who dare say no to the princess. What does he know anyway!? He’s old, has no clue what she needs, what will make her happy. Right?

Does it change so very much as they age? There are still times, when what they want, what they are reaching for, begging for is nothing more than a poopy diaper. As a parent, we can see the nastiness that they are reaching for. We can see that it will not prove beneficial for their lives. And as a parent it’s our responsibility to say no, to endure the rage and the tears. Isn’t it? Maybe I am looking at this too black and white. Maybe you say, it will be different when Emma is a teen. When it isn’t literally a poopy diaper that she’s trying to immerse her hand in. Granted, I am still living in the parenting world of toddlers – So maybe I am naive…

The Mom Card

MOM CARDOne of my all time favourite shows is Gilmore Girls. There was a time that I could quote every word from every episode (who are we kidding I still probably could if put to the test!). I love how Lorelei and Rory communicate, the speed at which they put forth sentences is simply astounding! What I do not agree with, however, and what seems to have become the standard norm for parenting strategies is how they seemed to have this democracy led household. There is one episode is Season 1 – where Rory is going to be switching to a private school, and she is angry about it and Lorelei says, (and I quote), Continue reading Eating Poop: All in the name of tolerance

parenting with Gods strength

Passing on a spirit of fear to our children: Parenting with God’s strength

parenting with Gods strength
Teaching Jude to ride his bike this summer was frustrating beyond measure and personally enlightening simultaneously.

He was doing so well, could ride until he would realize that I wasn’t holding his bike anymore. Then he would fall, drop his bike and with tears streaming down his cheeks tell me he couldn’t ride his bike because he was too scared.

Time and time again – it was the same thing. I’m too scared Mommy. I can’t do it, Mommy. I want to go home now.

At one point, we decided just to let it be. He didn’t ride his bike for probably a solid month.
His cousins would come over and ask him to go riding, but always he would say no, and choose to play other outdoor activities.

mommaneedscoffee quoteI let it go. I was tired of fighting him. Tired of pushing him. I figured if he wants to learn he will learn.

Watching him, however, got me to thinking. How often have I, do I, give up? Too tired to try, scared of failure. Insecure in myself, unsure of my calling. Do I unwittingly pass this to my children? Do they see Mommy giving up? Continue reading Passing on a spirit of fear to our children: Parenting with God’s strength

Stop and Listen

I AM that Mom

Is Love Enough?

Love of a child“Mommy? I wanna stay home with you and Daddy, because I love you both so much Mommy. And also it hurts my heart when I’m not with you.”

With two sweet arms wrapped around my neck, how could I EVER let go. And more to the point, how am I supposed to just say, “Too bad kid. You’re going to school no matter how much it breaks your heart.”

But I am getting ahead of myself. Let me back up and start at the beginning. Paint you a proper picture, and then if you would be so kind as to give me some parental guidance…. Continue reading I AM that Mom

Sing me a lullaby


Today was ‘one of those days.’ Although, truth be told, most days actually run into the other and are seemingly ALL ‘One of those days’. The rare days are the ones free of fits, tantrums, battle of wills and pure exhaustion. And let’s face it, they just don’t come around very often – not when living with a 3.5 year old.
Suffice it to say – it was ‘one of those not so rare days‘ starting at the crack of dawn WITH (drum roll please) a complete and total break down. Tears, screaming, complete and total fit central. Continue reading Sing me a lullaby