Tantrum time!

My precious baby boy is now 13 months old and has begun to throw fits…..  can it really be?  What happened to the terrible two’s? I am certain that I heard I had a good two years of perfect children before I would ever have to concern myself with discipline measures? Is this a forewarning of what is to come? Are there any terrifying theories out there that say if a child begins having fits at 13 months that the parents can kiss goodbye the ‘perfect obedient child‘ dream?

Here’s how it happened.

Yesterday was Sunday, to begin with it is a busy busy morning in which everyone rushes around to get ready to leave for church on time. Jude and I have sortave nailed down a routine in which he still feels like he gets a chance to play while Mommy gets ready.

  • I get up
  •  Jude has his bottle and watches his Baby Praise video
  • I shower
  • Once I’ve cleaned up I put Jude in the bathtub (his favourite time of the day) and he plays while I try to tame my hair and apply makeup!
  • Once I’m completely ready Jude gets out of the tub and its his turn to be creamed and clothed.

Here’s where the fun began. Fit #1

Apparently a 30 min tub time was simply not enough. Nor was now tepid water temperatures enough to convince him he needed to get out of the tub. I whisked him out anyway, despite his loud protests. and plopped him on his change table laid him gently on his change table. That blessed child began to swing his left arm like a machete in attempts to catch his Mommy in its wake…. and shriek at the top of his lungs. Thus began a crazy process of trying to keep his body still and clothe him while dodging that arm! It was a relief to finally take his clothed body downstairs. I set him on the floor to play with his toys while I gulped down some breakfast and packed up his bag.

Now we had officially 15 min to get to church on time, so I went to get Jude, to put on his coat and shoes so we could head out.  I picked him from the middle of his toy chaos and sat him on my lap.

FIT #2

Jude began to reef his body and throw his very hard head backwards hitting me in the chest. “OW! Jude. No. Mommy said No. We need to go and you need to get ready. Let Mommy put on your coat and shoes.” Jude SCREAMS and continues to try and catapult his body off my lap and throws his head back as hard as he can.  So ensues the next 5 min. I literally had his little body pinned back and one leg pinned in between mine.Then I dodged his head as much as I could.  At one point I flicked his hand… nothing just more screams and body convulsions….. SERIOUSLY?????

By the time he was dressed and in his car seat (red faced and tear streaked) I was soaked in sweat. I packed the rest of the car up, locked the door and sat in the drivers seat. I leaned my head back and just breathed.

HOW can this be?  Does it get worse? I KNOW that it does… but oh dear, oh my…. this is exhausting. After he went to bed that night I went and watched his birth video and a bunch of little clips from those first few days… could those days really be done and now replaced with this child who will loudly express his anger towards me!!!!!

I think maybe possible one child will suffice for this family! Unless of course (or perhaps not until) we again achieve the perfect obedient child dream. 🙂

ok – now it’s your turn. I would LOVE any and all suggestions on disciplining my 13 month old. PLEASE HELP ME!

I think its good that most often pictures capture adorable times! This way you can look back and remember the happy, wonderful things!  Here’s Jude as a hungry Hippo for halloween…. cutie pie!

PS: As I was finishing this post, Jude had a ‘perfect obedient child’ moment.  I said no, he looked at me, smiled and said ok.  🙂  There’s hope yet that this family will graduate to two kids!

16 thoughts on “Tantrum time!

  1. I just LOVE your open and honest approach to parenting! Our little ones certainly know how to push our buttons at times and keep us on our toes! Jude is growing!!! His little ( or big) personality is coming alive! Our little beans are also so very spirited aswell!!! Let me tell you there were times when I begged the Lord for more patience and grace!!!! The only suggestion tht I can give you honestly is to hang in there!!! Haha I know it doesn’t help much! Always follow through and keep it consistent! He may not understand alot of explanation, but he will understand consistency!! I think we all have this idea on how “our children” will be, we come to this conclusion by what we see ( or judge) by others parenting skills and the combination of how we ourselves were raised!! I got over this idea very quickly when I remembered that they are ” His children” and are made for his purpose whatever that is for thier life!!!! Choose to celebrate his voice and his ability to assert himself( to a limit hahaha) I agree with one of the comments about about jude feeling secure in his environment to express himself in whatever way 13 month old can muster up! You and wade are obviously doing your job!!! Who knows maybe he is just saying he wants to sing too!!!!! Hahahahahahaha. He is doing everything a 13 month old is suppose to do, it is just time to set up some boundries!!!! Hahaha. You are awesome and thank you for sharing your life with me!!!!

  2. Yes, you can kiss your “perfect obedient child” dreams good-bye!!!!! lol Sorry to burst your bubble honey but more fun ahead! Enjoy every moment as it goes by all too quickly!

      1. Good luck sis … well I guess if you close your eyes and pretend you’re in your fairytale it will be completely non-chaotic. Buuuuut sorry to say, as soon as those eyes open, reality will set in like a slap on the face or a ‘machete chop’ to the top of your head:)

  3. Oh Erin, let the games begin! 😉
    A tantrum is usually a display of intense frustration mostly because of the child’s inability to control his environment and adequately communicate his wants and needs. Note, I say “usually”, he could just be in a bad mood. Again, usually, it is difficult if not impossible for him to hear anything you tell him, while he’s in the throes of his fit. Maybe Jude was telling you he didn’t want to be rushed that morning and needed more time with his beloved mommy. Getting him to “help” put the bath toys away or finding some way for him to feel like he has a bit more control over the situation may help.

    There are a myriad of techniques described in parentlng books to help a parent cope with the situation and you’ll have to see what works for you as time goes on but they do help you create a tool kit of strategies. I found that read a couple of good child development books really helped me understand what was happening and more importantly, why. You now need to get to know this new, more independent version of Jude.

    In my case, walking away (when I had the luxury of time) was the only thing that worked. When time does not permit, you sometimes have to carry on and get done what needs doing all the while pretending that everything is fine (while dodging the flailing limbs and grocery items flying out of the shopping cart). On occasion telling the Evil Twin, Skippy to “go away, I want my Jessica back” would make her laugh and defuse the situation. I’ll tell you one thing, I didn’t always get it right and sometimes even made a real mess of things because I was in too much of a hurry or too impatient. You will make mistakes because let’s face it, you only get on-the-job training with this gig. Don’t beat yourself up too much in the process.

    Auntie Luc

    1. Yes – that does make sense… its the whole control and time factor on my part that I need to contend with isn’t it!? Maybe by the time he’s out of the fits stage i’ll have it figured out! lol Thanks for the great advice Auntie Luci!

  4. Well, sorry to say but I don’t have any advice except to keep on “keepin’ on”. A child throwing a temper tantrum is actually a sign of good parenting. You’re setting limits and expecting them to be followed whether or not your child approves of those limits. There will be worse days but there will be better days and they do learn…really, they do! (I keep telling myself that…). 😉 This is exactly why God made children small…so we can make them obey even when they don’t want to. By the time they’re bigger, hopefully they’ve gotten the point that Mom and Dad are in charge. I’m praying for you and Wade as you go through these fun times.

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