Honour and obey

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Now that Juders is 3.5, I have stumbled upon attitude supreme. It’s all in the eyes, the downward droop of his eyebrows, the under-the-breath mutterings and in the open defiant, “No you are NOT going to put me in time-out, or NO I’m DON’t have to do that!”

Ultimately, when presented two options, one being to choose to obey and the other to choose a punishment he will generally make the choice of obedience. However, although he may return the towel to the towel bar in the bathroom, or wash his hands, or sit and finish his meal (and the list goes on of the minute-by-minute battles) never does he do so with pleasant, ‘yes Mommy.” NOPE it is ALWAYS accompanied by, at the very least, grumbling and sour faces.

The question is. As a parent what is my primary goal? Am I simply trying to teach obedience? Mind-numbing do as you are asked? Or am I reaching for a far greater life lesson? That of a good attitude? A heart of a servant. A person who honours his mother and his father. My hearts desire is for my son to reap the blessings God promises. The question though is how to I do this? Getting him to obey really isn’t that difficult. I’m the Mommy. I hold the power card right now. But if I never reach his heart. What will happen in the long run?

The heart. The ever elusive heart. How do I reach the heart of my son. How do I instill in him Godly values and beliefs. How do I guide him through life, help him make good choices (not simply because the consequence is unpleasant but because the reward for good choices is so great). How do I help him find a heart of gratitude, of kindness, love and right spirit.

Parenting is definitely not for the faint of heart. And I find that I am daily met with this same struggle. In the moment, when I simply need him to stop walking around the house naked, it becomes a basic, “obey or choose consequence,” but right now I am thinking beyond the moment-to-moment.


My son is an adorable, loveable, kind, sweet-spirited little boy that I love so wholly and completely. Now the challenge is raising him to be a man, and wonderful, kind, godly, honest, upright and humble man.

So I looked to my own attitude. And I can honestly say, that I grumble too. I whine, complain and stomp my feet (in attitude!) when something is not going my way.

Perhaps the key here, is to teach by modelling.

hmmmmm just a tad more difficult!

How do you encourage good attitude?

5 thoughts on “Honour and obey

  1. I’m doing a course right now called Growing Kids Gods Way from GFI, its about exactly this, reaching the heart of your children to teach them God’s ways. Definitely recommend it! ( we’re on week 15 of 17)

  2. This is always a hard one. We can’t choose our children’s attitudes and modelling a good one isn’t easy. We need to keep going every day in Jesus’ strength, apologizing when necessary and praising good behavior whenever we see it. Keep on keepin’ on, Erin! You’ve got this!

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