the abyss that is the Mommy bag.

I have lost so many things in my lifetime I have sincerly lost track… on occasion a lost item will resurface (always a wonderful occurence!) And 9 times out of 10 when it does resurface it is found in… (drum roll please…) MY PURSE!

I don’t only possess MASSIVE bags either.. some are quite compact… and yet it never fails to inhale items and return them to me only when it so decides.

I will admit though that one of the main issues is my obsessive need to have a purse for each outfit.. I am constantly switching purses based on what I am wearing for the day. Hey if I am going to accessorize.. I’m going to do it right!!!!

Whenver I say, “I can’t find… or Honey have you seen…. ” Wado says to me, “Have you checked your purses?” To which I say, ‘YES!” sometimes I am frustrated too.. lol.. a feelingto which I have no right to in this case given that usually that’s EXACTLY where the lost item is.

One time, I lost my car keys. Could not find them anywhere. Wade asked my numerous times if I had checked in my purse. I said OF COURSE! The key was lost for over a year during which time the other car key was locked in the car (my doing… oops!) and we had to pay $50 to have the lock smith open it for us! A year passes, and its now summer again. I begin pulling out my summer purses and VOILA the car key! 🙂

Now that I’m a Mommy, its even worse because in addition to my extreme skill at losing items in my purses, I have no memory left and can no longer remember from one day to the next which purse I last used to even check them!

And there is definitely more stuff now that gets shoved into my bags. Choochies, snacks, wipes, diapers, toys, clothes, blankeys…. ahhhhhh my bag is the bottom feeder! (when Wado asks me if I can please put his wallet/keys in my purse… sometimes I lose it a bit!)  It eats up everything…. and rarely spits it back out in one piece. The other day I reached into my purse to grab my keys and was met with an gooey, sticky mess.. GROSS I yanked my hand back out (keyless I might add…) Upon further inspection I discovered that one of Jude’s bars had opened and spread their jammy/cookie substance everywhere… ugh.

Keeping in mind that Jude is only just turning a year (don’t get me started on that or the water works will be let loose!) I can’t imagine what state my bag will be in when he gets older and has a sibling! oh the days of my purse being nice, clean and organized – how I miss you … (lol who are we kidding it NEVER was that.. but at least it was void of gooey messes)

On that note – saw a new bag today… trying to figure out how to trick Wado into believing that I need it… lol. (Wado if you’re reading this…. I REALLY NEED A NEW BAG! My bag is ruined because I lovingly carry your son’s granola bars around and one got smushed and now my purse is forever sticky and gross…..)

Happy Purse digging my fellow Momma’s!!

PS: Have any of you seen the movie – I don’t know how she does it? – because you should… We can all soooo relate (in most parts!)

4 thoughts on “the abyss that is the Mommy bag.

  1. I no longer own bags, and have resorted to carrying my boys things in one of those reusable cloth shopping bags. I can totally relate. By the way, I also am famous for losing things, and am waiting for my memory to resurface, as it went missing when I had my first child and has yet to resurface 🙂

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